soundtrack series: may

Birthday month = banging tunes for a whole 31 days, so I made the most of it, testing out my birthday playlist (and questionable dance moves) before my party. Here are five birthday staples that should be on everyone’s party playlists.


Old and Gold. With the second film on it’s way to us, what better time to rekindle your love for the Swedish quad? They never fail to get me dancing, and I know all of the words to most of their songs (I’m not joking.) They’re a party staple, and if you notice someone struggling to let loose and boogie, one play of Dancing Queen will see them to their feet in no time.

2. The Supremes

There’s a theme here, but old and gold is the way to go with party music. Everyone knows it, and it’s good to dance to. What more could you ask for? You Can’t Hurry Love is a personal fave, and goes down nicely with a cocktail (or two!)

3. Bruce Springsteen

The Boss is back. I seem to have inherited my love of Bruce from my mum, his biggest fan so I’m told, but I am partial to a bit of Born To Run, or Mary’s Place (a song I presumed until I was old enough was named after my Grandma.) I also adore Dancing In The Dark acoustic which is simply gorgeous (and helps ease the headache the next day.)

4. Courteeners

Not Nineteen Forever is one of my favourite Indie hits and I love it. I was first introduced to it by my brother the week before I turned nineteen and since then I’ve learnt the words and added it to my frequently played. It’s a gem, and a good reminder to get out and do things because you definitely aren’t nineteen forever. (I wish.)

5. The Black Keys

One of my favourite artists, unknown to many, are The Black Keys. Lonely Boy and Gold On The Ceiling are two of the greats, which punctuate most get together’s and parties I have. If you haven’t met the sound yet, go listen. It’s loud and proud but it’s so worth it.


What would you add to your own party playlist? Let me know!

love sophie

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