a letter from: the east coast

I can’t remember exactly where we went this weekend, but we stayed in a gorgeous house up on the east coast for my grandma’s birthday. There was lots of tea and cake, along with a rose wine tasting to help with Emily’s ‘revision’.

I picked my Grandma up, driving home to meet the others and go to the house. It was a fab house – modern but with a lot of period features and all on one level –  which suited what we needed. It turned into a giant family sleepover, with me, Em and Jonathan all bunking in one room.

When we got there we had a mooch around the local village where we were staying, petting the donkeys in the field opposite, before getting the monopoly out. We got a lovely Indian takeaway and had a really chilled night just chatting and catching up.


We got the train from Pickering to Whitby on the Friday morning, which was lovely. It was a steam train so the seats were old – as were the carriages – but it was atmospheric, and something my Grandma wanted to do. It only took about 45 minutes and the journey was through gorgeous countryside. The sun was absolutely scorching, and after fish and chips in a restaurant once we arrived, we walked right to the end of the pier.


Mum and I went to the top of the old lighthouse and got some amazing photos of Whitby and out to the coast, giving the rest of them at the bottom a wave. We got the train back shortly after that, something we found to be popular with locals too, as the train was packed.

That night we tested Em on her wines with a blind tasting, before heading to bed.


The Saturday was wet and cold so we stayed in the house, playing games and entertaining each other, and went for a drive later on when it cleared up a bit. We had a homemade veggie spaghetti bolognese for tea, with garlic bread and trimmings, and watched a bit of TV before calling it a night again.

The Sunday was my grandma’s birthday, and although I was first up my grandma was still in bed just before ten, along with everyone else.

We had decorated the living room with banners and balloons, and once she was up we did birthday breakfast and then headed out. We drove around the moors, stopping in Bakewell and some other places for an ice cream break as it was so hot.

That evening we sampled more wine and planned what we’d be doing the next day: heading to another beach on our way back home.


We had ice cream, went on the pleasure ground rides, ate more fish and chips, before heading home.

The hardest goodbye was to Archie the golden retriever who lived next door. He greeted us every morning and was often sat at the gate when we got back from our day tripping. I think that was my grandma’s favourite part.

love sophie

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