a letter from: pembrokeshire

Our biannual Kilimanjaro took place on the south coast of Wales at the end of March. We meet from right across the UK and go for two or three nights just to reunite and keep in touch. I love the reunions because you don’t have to do anything but just be, go walking and laugh endlessly with each other (prosecco is often involved, too. So there’s never a dull moment!)

We’ve touched down in most places nearish to people, hitting Snowdonia, The Brecon Beacons, and now Pembrokeshire, and in the future I’m sure we’ll hit up the south and maybe even head further north into Scotland…

I’d absolutely love to do a week long trip to Cornwall, but trying to orchestrate a group of eight to twelve people is blooming difficult, and a lot goes on behind scenes to make it run smoothly.

With a lot of us now in full time jobs, it makes finding a good time to go quite difficult, and it’s hard to make it possible for everyone to go. Fortunately this time we had a good turn out, and we had an absolute blast.

I drove up from Bath with Luke and George, picking them up and then heading across the Severn Bridge (my first time driving across ever) a couple of hours later arriving at our bunkhouse, where we found Alex.

We usually go for bunkhouses as they’re easy and usually fit majority of us in, but they’re surprisingly hard to find anywhere outside of Wales, so unless you know one, or have been to one, it takes a lot of effort to track them down!

We’d got two parts of the same barn, the boys in one end, and the girls in the smaller end. Each with separate access, and kitchens and bathrooms, it was ideal for a big group. We stayed at Pembrokeshire Bunkhouse which I would shout from the rooftops about because it was great. Well located within reach of towns, shops, and the beach, and walks. It’s on a gorgeous working farm, and there are several different sized bunks to suit different groups.

We spent the majority of our down time upstairs in the guys bunk as theirs was bigger. The beds and bathrooms were all downstairs, easily accessible to everyone, and the whole of the upstairs was one big open plan room, ideal for a large group. There was WiFi and a TV, and bed linen was provided which was a bonus!

We spent a day at Stumple Head, walking around the lighthouse and falling over in slippy mud (if you’re me). I love the drives on our reunions, they’re always on gorgeous country roads, and in the most beautiful places.


We stopped at one point so Sam could say hello to some horses, ate in a pub decorated for Easter – who knew – and then had a late walk on the beach whilst some people went to the pub. We ended up climbing up some rocks on the beach, and getting a fab group photo in front of the sunset. Sam even gave us a lesson in marine biology (a staple on any reunion) before we headed back to watch a film and celebrate with prosecco.


The next day was spent in Dale, after Meg (egg chef) made us breakfast. The seaside on this side of the country is just stunning. The sea is so blue. We walked around the coastline, following pro Alex and George who had both got maps and presumably knew where we were heading. There was a gorgeous secluded beach we walked to, accessed only by boats or the path we’d walked along, so we stopped there for a while, skimming stones and talking, before heading back for famous fish pie at a local restaurant.


Before we left for the bunkhouse, we made our way to another cove, secluded from the main seaside, and watched the sunset which was gorgeous. Luke decided he was going in for a swim so stripped off and got waist deep before coming back to find us. We then headed back, deciding to watch School of Rock back at the bunkhouse with yet more prosecco!

The next, and final day, we packed up the bags and headed to Tenby, deciding to head off from there so we could do another activity and make the extra day worthwhile. We walked along the coast, went into the lifeboat station and museum, before saying our goodbyes and heading off to our homes until the next time.


I headed back to Bath with Luke and George, dropping them off and then heading straight back up to Sheffield for an extended reunion (something that’s becoming a routine).


I was surprised by the weather, which was fab the whole time, other than a bit of a grey sky as we were leaving Tenby. I’d definitely recommend the bunkhouse and area, especially if you like walking and are a big group!

love sophie

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