just another manic monday

From having my surgical stitches removed to sipping cocktails after a book signing, I’d say my Monday was pretty manic! (Expecially seen as I rarely do more than move between comfy seats at the minute.)

It started off with a wonderful trip to get my stitches removed *grimaces.*

As it was Em’s day off, and I can only travel by foot, we decided to make a morning of it. And what a hoot it was!

Step one was picking me up. Easy, right? Baring in mind I’d already told Em an earlier time, (just in case she happened to be running late) and she’d told me to be ready for when she came, I was hopeful we’d be on time to the appointment. I’d even managed to put my coat on and zip it up (huge accomplishments with only one working arm.) So she rocks up later than planned but it’s okay because I’m ready and waiting, as promised (I’ve even remembered the letters and things that need posting.)

So the next step was getting there. Now this is a pretty easy step because although we did come across an enemy line of traffic cones marking out their roadwork territory, we arrived with a good ten minutes before the appointment.

But wait.

We didn’t account for Em’s love for parallel parking, step three, which took approximately four different spaces, a zillion attempts, one hundred ‘no, I’m just going to turn round and find another space’, twenty ‘don’t forget I have a tow bar’, more ‘oh shucks’ than I could count, and nine whole minutes. But it was okay, because we had ten.

So we finally arrive, after hiking from the only parking spot Em was eager to slide into (approx. 5 cars long and 5 miles from the entrance) and sit our bums down on the waiting room chairs, happy they were running late.

After a speedy snip snip I was free, and as were the stitches! *hi fives air*

Then to stock up on painkillers (for me) and throat lozenges (for Em). We’re such adults.

It’s safe to say food was definitely next on the cards so, after much debate over what to eat, and a good mooch around the local shops, we decided to go to the supermarket and ended up making fajitas at home (lactose free loves recipe to follow!)

We spent the early afternoon catching up on The X Factor before Em put a load of washing on for me and then set off back home, leaving me to my work.

Work isn’t all that wonderful at the minute, what with the cocktail of pain relief I take daily and the brain mush that comes with it. So I started plot planning instead, trying not to get tied down to the fact I was struggling to write creatively.

Between sitting down to write, and making my ‘well done for trying’ cup of tea, I check Instagram.


I’d completely forgotten that the book signing I was supposed to be going to is that evening and not Tuesday, and only remember after seeing Giovanna’s story which says she’s in Leeds.

What a complete brain mush.

After a mad panic that I hadn’t got any nice clean trousers, and that I couldn’t put my fuzzy hair up with one hand, I finally managed to don some jeans and mascara and run out the door into a taxi.

But, I made it!

And it was wonderful!

I sat next to a lovely lady called Tania and we got chatting about life and books until it all kicked off.

Giovanna came out and talked everything from her new book, Some Kind of Wonderful, (which is delicious) to Billy and Me, and body confidence. It’s very encouraging as a writer to listen to other writers talk about life before publication, and the writing process behind the first book, just as much as the book they’ve just published.

Giovanna described writing her first book as a luxury. There were no time pressures and she wasn’t thinking ‘so and so is going to read this,’ because she just didn’t know what was going to come of it. She went from napping in between writing to actually having to increase the hours she worked, doing double shifts whilst balancing in time with the kids, school runs, bath time etc. (What a woman!)

There was lots of laughter and she made time to speak to everyone, answering all the questions in the open Q&A. She was praised for her body confidence and for bringing such a positive light to what can be a very dark social media platform. She is a girl goal.

It’s so refreshing to see voices like Giovanna’s coming through on social media. It’s very clear why she has such a following.

A signing of the book was next on the cards and as I was at the back it meant waiting till nearer the end of the queue. This gave me and Tania time to natter whilst her other half went and patiently perused the books.

It was so lovely to see Giovanna, and listen to her talk books (and get a cheeky Oman shout out). What I presumed would then be a quiet night in turned into cocktails. What a treat. Definitely worth the busy day.

I’ll be sure to catch her again the next time she’s in Leeds!

You can grab yourself a copy of her new book, Some Kind of Wonderful, here! 

Book review coming soon!

(This should have been posted earlier but I’d say my Tuesday has been pretty manic, too!)

(And Em, I love you – thanks for taking me. Your parking cheered me up and I may have exaggerated some of the proportions.)

Happy Reading,

loce sophur

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